About Pavla

Pavla is a Czech singer, songwriter, poet and the boss of Lampion Records. She is a nice person, so: men, behave yourself!

/My name is pronounced [pavla miltsova:] and I was born in Pøíbram, 60 km south of Prague. My first band, The Satori Blues, was formed when I was 17 years old and I played bass guitar for a while.

Then I studied at the Philosophy faculty at Charles University in Prague.. My subjects were Czech, English, Pedagogy and Literature, and I was also taking singing classes at an evening conservatoire and playing concerts with rock and folk bands.

At the faculty I met Rory Allardice /Scottish lecturer/ and we formed a Scottish band in Prague. I fell in love with these pure and ancient folk songs of Scotland. Later on we formed
an English theatre company called ONE OFF, performing in Prague and at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland.

After that I spent a year in Scotland studying linguistics at Strathclyde and Glasgow Universities and taking photographs, which I used for the sleeve of my first album later on. I also started writing songs in English and took part in the Edinburgh Festival again, this time as a musician.

When I came back to Prague I formed my
first serious band called ONE OFF and after a short period we made the CD - "BENIGHTED" - in 1993 with my lyrics in English. Two years later I published it on my own. Then I performed as "a single girl with a guitar", writing Czech songs, travelling a lot and going to theatre. In 1994 I had an opportunity to write scene music for the Prague National Theatre´s production of James Joyce´s "The Exiles". The performance was successful and I was happy.

After giving several concerts with a percussionist I met the right person to make the second album with. His name is
PETER BINDER - peterbinder.xf.cz a multiinstrumentalist who prefers to play electric guitar and percussion. After two years of work we recorded the album called:


The name Tarzan Pepé comes from one of my songs and means at the same time difficulties and lightness of being. (My life can´t be shattered/ My life is a star on the sky/ It is a Persian carpet/ It´s a scarecrow in the cabbage field/ It is Tarzan Pepé).

The majority of the lyrics on these album are in Czech. The album was first published by Indies Records in 1998, but now I have the copyright and the publishing rights . In 1999 this album was awarded the Czech critics´Yellow Submarine Award.

The third CD called APOLLO 14 was published with BMG (Sony BMG) in 2003. I hope you enjoy it.

In 2006 I formed my own recording and publishing company LAMPION RECORDS. I like being the boss of it.

The fourth CD is called THE MENTHOL KING and it was published by LAMPION RECORDS in 2006.

On THE MENTOL KING you can hear a Moravian folk song(Ore šohaj, No.1) and a Slovak folk song (Dobre tomu šuhajovi, No.3) among the others. Song No. 2 is called Rosemary and it is about a girl, that tries her best. She sings all the time...

You can order the CDs on our web site in CD - shop...

You can also listen to the MP3 samples on this website and watch some videos on YouTube.

Bye bye. Pavla
e - mail:milcova@yahoo.com

PS: Pavla also writes lyrics for other people - Czech Idol (Superstar) winners: Aneta Langerová, Vlasta Horváth and other Czech popular singers